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Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer

ROAMEO™ 2.0 is on Patrol!

Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer


ROAMEO’s 360-degree field-of-view routed through a robust analytic suite, all documented (HIPAA-compliant) securely on the cloud through enhanced cellular services will allow ROAMEO to map property patrol sites, plan and execute routes, avoid obstacles (i.e., people, trees, power posts), and collect and apply data to further optimize for precision and efficiency. The AI analytic suite powering ROAMEO enables the unit to identify vehicles, license plate numbers, and people.

As an added benefit, ROAMEO will also interact with people along its patrol route, providing necessary calls for help, panic buttons, security alerts, etc., plus an unlimited number of concierge services including local information, weather, directions, plus profit-generating advertising messaging.


Innovative from the ground up to its impressive 78” total height, ROAMEO is an outdoor security robot unlike any deployed to date. ROAMEO takes all of RAD’s industry-leading AI analytics, video surveillance capabilities, and interactive communications and puts them on the move, at speeds of up to 12 mph.

  • Human detection analytics with SuspectSpotter™

  • License plate recognition with LicenseSpotter™

  • 24/7 equipment monitoring from RAD through the Remote Monitoring Center

  • Long-range audio paging

  • Credential validation and access control

  • Close-range video intercom

  • 2 large 21.5” tablets (1 per side) featuring security and concierge services, plus video conferencing with the SOC or guards in the field

  • Security | Help | Panic button

  • Fully autonomous navigation

  • Rough terrain suspension & wheels (4)

  • Battery powered with a return home for charging

  • Cellular and WiFi connectivity

  • 4 cameras provide a complete 360° field of view

  • Over-the-air software updates

  • Customizable informational display that can feature text, images, and video

  • High visibility RGB LEDs

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